Cousins Traditional Trip to Shuqualak Farms

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Last year during the Independence Day vacation, the Keck family, the Twins' cousin Amelia, and their Nonnie Loretta had a lot of fun picking fresh blueberries at the Shuqualak Farms in Frierson, Louisiana.  You can read more about last year's expedition here.  We had so much fun that not even the heat and humidity of July could keep us from picking these delicious morsels.  You might even say that this is the start of a tradition!

children portraits, photographs, blueberries, Shuqualak FarmsBlueberry bush at Shuqualak Farms


With the Twins and Amelia being a year older (5 years old and 3.5 years old, respectively), I think that this year was also a good bonding experience for not only the cousins who are pretty well superglued together, but also with their Nonnie Loretta.

Grandmother and Grandchildren at Shuqualak FarmsGrandmother and Grandchildren at Shuqualak Farms

It is so nice to know that the cousins William, Audrey, and Amelia get along so well.
Audrey and Amelia Picking BlueberriesAudrey and Amelia Picking Blueberries

Audrey and Amelia Running at Shuqualak FarmsAudrey and Amelia Running at Shuqualak Farms


I know that William liked picking blueberries with his Mom.

Amy and William Picking BlueberriesAmy and William Picking Blueberries


Audrey worked VERY hard picking the blueberries.  She even got on her tippy toes in order to pick the biggest blueberries that she could find.

Audrey Picking BlueberriesAudrey Picking Blueberries

William was very careful and thorough at picking only the sweetest blueberries (of course, they would never taste the blueberries before putting them into their buckets!).

William Picking BlueberriesWilliam Picking Blueberries

Photo of William with BlueberriesPhoto of William with Blueberries

Photo of Blueberries in Container at Shuqualak FarmsPhoto of Blueberries in Container at Shuqualak Farms

Even little Amelia was very thorough with picking the blueberries. Amelia Picking BlueberriesAmelia Picking Blueberries But most of all, it was a lot of fun!

William with a Big Smile and BlueberriesWilliam with a Big Smile and Blueberries

I hope it is a time that the cousins can remember sharing together as a family!

Cousins at Shuqualak FarmsCousins at Shuqualak Farms

What are some of your family traditions?  Share your traditions by leaving a comment (or two) below!  Thanks!



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