Cousins Traditional Trip to Shuqualak Farms - Year #3

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The Keck Twins love picking blueberries.  One of our traditions that they have begun to look forward to during the summer is going to Shuqualak Farms in Frierson, Louisiana to pick blueberries.  This year is their third year to pick these delicious blue spheres of ambrosia (you can read and see more of the previous adventures from the prior two years hear and  here).  With all of the rain during this year, it was not nearly as hot as the past two years so it was a lot more enjoyable picking the blueberries.

children portraits, photographs, blueberries, Shuqualak FarmsBlueberry bush at Shuqualak FarmsBlueberry Bunch


With an annual tradition, it is so much fun to see the development of the children.  William and Audrey, who are now 6 years old, really like to take their 4.5 year old cousin Amelia under their wing and help her out.  Unfortunately, their other cousins weren't available to partake in the fun.

 Many little fingers make light work!

Cousins Picking BlueberriesCousins Picking BlueberriesAudrey and Amelia Picking Blueberries

Amelia and Audrey Picking BlueberriesAmelia and Audrey Picking Blueberries William Picking BlueberriesWilliam Picking BlueberriesWilliam Picking Blueberries

William showing off a big blueberry that he just picked.

William Holding up BlueberryWilliam Holding up BlueberryWilliam Holding up Blueberry

William and Audrey adore Amelia, and I know that the feelings are mutual.  It is great to be able to capture this love with my camera.

William and Amelia HuggingWilliam and Amelia HuggingWilliam and Amelia Hugging


Family Picking BlueberriesFamily Picking BlueberriesFamily Picking Blueberries

Amelia did a wonderful job this year picking the blueberries.  It is wonderful to see this little girl grow up!

Amelia Picking BlueberriesAmelia Picking BlueberriesAmelia Picking Blueberries


Wow!  Look at that full bucket of blueberries!

Audrey with BlueberriesAudrey with BlueberriesAudrey with Blueberries

William did a great job carrying his bucket of blueberries and having everyone put their blueberries into his bucket.  Way to go, William!

After only 30 minutes, we had filled two small buckets with these delicious blueberries.

Twins with BlueberriesTwins with BlueberriesTwins with blueberries


I think this photo tells it all!  What a great time!

Cousins Picking BlueberriesCousins Picking BlueberriesCousins Picking Blueberries


What are some of your family traditions?  Share your traditions by leaving a comment (or two) below!  Thanks!



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